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Entering the promised land… again.

Campus Harvest 2013: God's Not Dead

Hey everyone! :)

Just so you know, I’m in sunny SoCal once again. Haha. Something’s different this time. Everything’s so familiar, and yet everything feels so new. It’s really cool. Things have been awesome, and I saw God provide for me for the past week that I’ve been here.

First off with Campus Harvest. I literally have no money in this place, and I saw how God provided even to the very last minute. It was such an awesome and empowering conference, and so many things I’d love to share to you about it, but more of that in another post. :) I had jet lag for the past week, but I still had a wonderful time. Plus, I’ve met a lot of friends from the Campus Harvest tour who have really encouraged me.

Campus Harvest 2013: God's Not Dead

Campus Harvest 2013: God’s Not Dead


He’s also been providing for food whenever I go out with friends, and I feel like not going because I can’t pay. Seriously, I have big pride issues. >.< At first, I struggled to ask rides from people, and now I feel guilty when other people bless me. I have to work more on that. I don’t want to end up splurging on this as well.

Today’s my first day of school, and I’m sooo excited. I am really praying that I get a morning schedule, since last semester was so depressing due to my night classes. T_T Have I mentioned that I will be experiencing financial difficulties when it comes to paying my tuition? Haha, I really can’t feel it right now. I am not bothered at all. Maybe it’s peace. Maybe it’s the confidence that God is my Father and He loves to provide for me. Maybe it’s the assurance that He can do all things. I take back all the maybes, because I’m really sure that God will open up opportunities to help me pay for my tuition. :)

It’s getting clear to me that God is really calling me to my campus in this season. In fact, I have just discovered that we are called to preach the gospel wherever God has called us to be — in our school, in our workplace, in our family, etc. I have about three years left for college. I should be graduating next year if I never left the Philippines, without really having this kind of passion for my campus. But now that I have it, it sounds so exciting because I have three more years to have my campus as my mission field! :D Isn’t that awesome?

I really am meant to be here. God has been telling me that for the past year. As Jim Laffoon said yesterday, you never know what you have once it’s gone. Yes, but in another context. I have really missed UP Baguio Lifebox, and my life in the Philippines. I knew for a fact that when God brought me here to Los Angeles, He was going to bless me. This is my promised land, and I never appreciated it because it’s not how I expected it to be. I thought I’d just stand there and wait for manna to fall from heaven, but I’m not in the wilderness in this season anymore. This is definitely a new season, where I gotta plough, cultivate, and sow to reap a harvest. This land holds so much promises for me, but I can’t just stand here anymore. I will work it, love it, and conquer all its giants by the grace of God.

No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. Romans 8:37


P.S. More on the giants in another post, too. :) Love you.

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